904, 2024

Wishful Worship

Wishful Worship: The role of aspiration in Sunday morning setlists “Do you wish your church was more similar in worship culture/style to the churches and/or artists like The Big 4?”  In our survey of over 400 worship leaders (WLs), this question was posed regarding the influence of “culture” and[...]

612, 2023

You Had To Be There

The method by which we encounter new songs may have a greater impact upon our likelihood of adopting them than the contents of the songs themselves..    Over the past few articles, we have explored some of the most notable results from our 2022 survey of over 400 worship leaders. Our[...]

1107, 2023

Worship Leader Survey Report Now Available

Worship Leader Research has released the comprehensive "Worship Leader Survey Report (2022)", a key element in Phase 2 of WLR’s ongoing contemporary worship music study. In this pivotal report, insights are revealed about the attitudes of over 400 worship leaders toward various aspects of contemporary worship music. The survey, conducted[...]

606, 2023

Since 2017, 100% of Top 25 Worship Songs Have Been Singles… So What?

Suppose you open Spotify, type “new worship music” into the search bar and begin scrolling away. You’d quickly notice there is no shortage of it available to the average listener. Of course, if you are the average listener, this may be the extent of your exposure to such material. But[...]

2604, 2023

How Songs Like “Great Are You Lord” Are Connected to the “Big 4” Worship Megachurches

When it comes to sharing a new worship song with the world, it takes a village. When it comes to the Top 25 songs sung in local churches, that village has, in recent years, had four central “megachurch” leaders: Bethel Music, Hillsong, Passion, and Elevation Worship.  In our team’s first[...]

3003, 2023

(Almost) 100% of the Top 25 Worship Songs are associated with just a handful of Megachurches.

From 2010-2020, 38 worship songs appeared on the CCLI and PraiseCharts Top 25 list. 37 of them were co-written or popularized by a mere 5 megachurches.  If you have ever felt like most worship music sounds the same, it may be because the worship music you are most likely[...]

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