News and Journalism on Industry and Contemporary Worship

“Our Worship Is Turning Praise into Secular Profit,” in Christianity Today, by Kelsey Kramer McGinnis, April 19, 2023.

We’ve No Less Days to Sing God’s Praise, But New Worship Songs Only Last a Few Years“, in Christianity Today, by Daniel Silliman, 2021.

“When Do the Latest Hillsong and Bethel Hits Belong in Your Sunday Lineups?” in Christianity Today, Kelsey Kramer McGinnis, Spring 2021.

“Study: Female Songwriters Are Dropping Off the Worship Charts,” Christianity Today, Kelsey Kramer McGinnis June 2022.

“Jesus Climbs the Charts: The business of Contemporary Christian Music” in Religion Online, Mark Allan Powell

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Podcasts and Blogs on Contemporary Worship

Conversations on Contemporary Worship (Adam Perez, host)

From Hymns to Hillsong and Back Again + Leah Payne & David Gungor (Religion News Service, Saved in the City Podcast, May 2022)

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Understanding the Broader Context of Popular Music Industry, Culture, and Songwriting

Academic Articles:

Interstellar Songwriting: What Propels a Song Beyond Escape Velocity (Clive Harrison)

Experimental Study of Inequality and Unpredictability in an Artificial Cultural Market (Matthew J. Salganik, Pattern Sheridan Dodds, Duncan J. Watts)

Moshe Adler, Stardom and Talent,

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Blogs and Internet Sources

Murray Stassen, “We Have a Deep Sense of Who the Artist is and How to Support Them” Music Business Worldwide (August 3, 2022).

Too Many Songs, Not Enough Hits: Pop Music Is Struggling to Create New Stars” (Elias Leight)

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Luminate U.S. Year-End Music Report for 2022

“6mo H2 2022 Music Industry Trends and Predictions”