Worship Leader Research has released the comprehensive “Worship Leader Survey Report (2022)“, a key element in Phase 2 of WLR’s ongoing contemporary worship music study. In this pivotal report, insights are revealed about the attitudes of over 400 worship leaders toward various aspects of contemporary worship music. The survey, conducted in the Fall of 2022, draws on a range of traditions and demographics, offering a robust cross-section of perspectives. Topics covered include views on song quantity, worship culture, the role of artists, songwriters’ motivations, and prevalent sources for new songs. This follows previous WLR research conducted in 2023, which traced CCLI and Praise Charts trends over the previous decade. It’s been noted that the survey’s results lay bare the complexity of song selection, hinting at unseen social and economic forces that may shape the choices of worship leaders. To delve deeper into these rich findings, readers are invited to explore detailed survey responses with demographic filters, accessible through the report.